If you saw a Counsellor face to face, there would be no interruptions, no people coming and going, nobody watching you.  It would be a safe and secure environment to explore your feelings and issues (where you could freely show your emotions such as, sadness and anger). It is just the same with Email Counselling, as you write you email to me you may become angry or sad ... you may laugh and you may cry.  It is therefore critical for Email Counselling to work and be effective that you can find yourself a secure and safe environment in which to write your emails to me.  It will not be effective or safe for you if you have to keep covering your email as you write it from perhaps the prying eyes of a partner ... or you have to keep stopping (and losing your train of thought) every five minutes to do a job, look after children etc.  Yes ... the beauty of Email Counselling is it’s flexibility, you do not have to write your email in one go, you do not have to do it at a specific time and you can come back and alter it before you send it ... BUT you must have a safe and secure environment and the time to work on it.  If you don't then Email Counselling is not for you ... you would be better served travelling to a face to face Counsellor where you will be offered that safe and secure environment.