Feeling Suicidal?

It can take a lot of strength to admit you could take your own life and it can take even more to admit it to someone else.

Online counselling, may not be the best approach for you, you may need more immediate help.

You could dial 999

         You could talk to the Samaritans

         You could call a friend right now

         You could find a local face to face counsellor

Although I feel concerned for you, I also feel hope or you wouldn't be here now reading this ... there is a part of you looking for a way to hold on to life.

Many online counselling sites discourage and try to screen out people with suicidal thoughts, and while agreeing that it's not the best approach and while strongly encouraging you to try a more immediate or local form of contact … you are welcome to book online counselling

As we have said above to take your own life requires strength. To admit you are prepared to take it can take even more strength...

Perhaps you don't have that strength right now to talk about it with someone face to face? …

May be online counselling will be a half way stepping stone and together we can give you the strength you need to talk to someone closer and more local? …

But please read the following disclaimer it's important to understand it.


        Central England Counselling cannot be held responsible for helping you manage a crisis using online counselling, because of the delays and possible distances involved.  In the event of an emergency or an acute emotional crisis you must manage the crisis by using resources other than those offered by Central England Counselling.