Are you experiencing symptoms of psychosis?

If you think you may be experiencing psychosis or are losing touch with reality, you are not alone and help is available, but online counselling is not appropriate for you.  It is very important that you get appropriate help as soon as possible.  This is because the problem can be treated more effectively if it is treated early ... So please do not wait.  

Psychosis is:

The experience of finding it difficulty telling real life from fantasy. Psychosis may happen suddenly, but changes usually take place over weeks or months.  People that know you may notice that your behaviour has become unusual or that you are not your usual self.  The number, duration, and severity of symptoms differ from person to person.  

Some of the symptoms are:

Feeling the need for less sleep than usual.

Self-harming or telling others you are going to self-harm.

Feeling that your surroundings seem different.

Talking quickly, so quickly others cannot join the conversation.

Feeling unsettled when others touch you.

‘Strange’ postures.

‘Strange’ behaviour.


The feeling you have special powers.

Laughing inappropriately.

Many of these behavioural changes can be normal responses to stressful events, but f you have any of these symptoms, you should ask yourself: are they causing you problems or distress?  Are they disruptive or causing worry to others?   It may be difficult to answer these questions as there may not be a clear "yes" or "no" ... But if you do see yourself in this description, online counselling is not going to be the best way for you to get help.