Are you in a Violence Relationship?


        If you have been the victim of violence in the past 6 months, then email counselling is not for you, it is better handled by a face-to-face counsellor.

If you feel you are in immediate danger, call the police.

If you think you are safe at this moment in time, you need to formulate a plan to make sure that you are safe in the future.

       Things you could consider...

       Keep a diary and record what happens.  Keep any apology notes or written threats.  These may be useful later if you go to court.

        Visit a solicitor (or citizen’s advice) know your rights and how you legally stand.

        See a counsellor ...  and build your confidence.

        Consider the children; are they safe would they know what to do in an emergency?

       Ask the neighbours to contact the police if they hear a fight.

Are you the violent partner in a relationship?

       Getting this far is a big step and a step in the right direction, but emailing counselling is not the answer, the issues are complex, and the risks are high, you really need to find a face to face counsellor.